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Youth Development

Committed To Empowering Our Youth

Youth On Film

Vision statement : Securing our future by empowering our youth.


Mission: To teach, mentor and develop the youth and young adults in our urban communities to utilize filmmaking and performance as tools for positive change in their personal and community lives.


Our goal is to empower urban youth and young adults with the knowledge and skills necessary to create, produce and showcase films as well as talent based performances that reflect their concerns, thoughts and dreams. Performances that go beyond just dancing and singing but also academic and other talents. Teaching them to use film and performance to develop their communication and leadership abilities. We provide a safe and supportive environment for the youth and young adults so they can freely express themselves. Our goal is to build a legacy of leaders and free thinkers who will strengthen their awareness of self-identity and community issues through creativity, business interactions and performance project initiatives.


Core Values

In addition,
YOUTH ON FILM strives to foster the developmental growth of urban youth socially, and emotionally, enabling them to lead the wider community in making greater strides toward social justice and equality. In order to fulfill its mission, RYL develops film and performance projects, and other programming with the following three core values in mind:

Exploration, Empowerment and Economic Enrichment.



YOF youth are encouraged to explore the multifaceted ways in which they interact in community settings and life and how they can contribute to it in a more positive and benevolent manner. Help them realize the value they can add to their community as leaders and willing participants in it's activities. Inspire them to joyously embrace the concept of team work and team building. Moreover, youth are given the opportunity to explore their varying ideas and perspectives of family, peers, life and other groups in society. Through this, youth begin to understand the values of being more reflective and observant of their diverse surroundings.



YOF youth also work on building skills in a number of areas such as leadership, Life skills, communication, public speaking, writing, project management, community organizing, interpersonal relationships, self-management, and taking responsibility for self and others. These new skills help youth to feel more empowered to make changes not only in their personal lives but also in their communities.


YOF’s tremendous network of resources, from seasoned community workers, Skilled artists and professional advisors to civic leaders and other members of the community. This allows us to support the youth in a manner that instills confidence in them to pursue community projects and initiatives that will make a difference in the world.


Economic Enrichment

By creating partnerships that inspire and teach urban youth and young adults through collaborations among Corporate America, local businesses, progressive and driven High school and College students, and the community, we are providing mentoring opportunities and real-life experiences for the collective benefit of the youth and the community. Providing pathways to employment opportunities, possibilities for self employment and prospects for young entrepreneurs.



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