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Youth Development

Committed To Empowering Our Youth

Youth Life Skills And Development Programs Overview

Our Youth development programming targets at risk youth 13-24 years old. The programs use a performance based approach in their design.  We target under-served youth that are in need of educational and creative outlets that will help them develop the life skills and tools to be employable and productive in their communities. We provide them those tools necessary for them to navigate through their life and learn to interact with each other in non violent and non threatening ways.

We use all of the arts and performance to obtain the results we seek. Theater, digital media video/digital film and other  performance related skills are utilized. Participants in the programs obtain new skills and can hone skills they already possess.  The skills developed  include Leadership skills, Work skills, learning Teamwork , Creative problem solving, Creative  self expression  as well as learning technical skills used in producing theatrical productions.

The youth produce performing arts shows and Media arts presentations and present to their communities . Our programs are designed to help enhance their writing abilities and  problem solving skills . Programming is suitable for any gender and all skill levels. Those who have artistic abilities and wish to develop their skills as actors, singers, dancers, directors, producers, writers as well as the technical skills of production will enjoy participating in these performance based interactive programs.

Young people often  are left to engage in counterproductive and destructive  activities during after school hours because there may be a lack of interesting and available alternatives for them. We offer engaging activities that challenges, entertains and allows clients to be social and constructive. Our programming is designed to provide positive ongoing interactive activities that provides them an alternative to violence. It keeps them off the streets and  put them in a supportive positive and helpful environment.

Academic education is critical for our clients and we provide referrals for educational counseling as part of the program. Helping steer those who need their High School Diploma to resources and those who seeking higher education we connect them to college services. Young people need survival skills to be consistently successful as young working adults. Preparing them to be employable on a long term basis requires  that their abilities to negotiate real world conditions be honed. We focus on developing their abilities to work as team members, instilling confidence  and desire in them. They learn to accept responsibility. Encouraging them to develop good work habits, such as punctuality and appearance as well as work conduct. Armed with these new skills they can be successful in their chosen paths, be competent parents, powerful leaders and willing producers in their community.

Our approach to programming is unique in that our focus is on the development of life skills by utilizing performance and production. The clients are the engine that drives the project. Being actively engaged in the design of the very version of the program they are involved in. The program's focus is centered around issues that are of importance to them. These issues and life experiences are brought to a creative medium (stage, video, radio, Internet, etc) for exploration. The clients are connected to and take ownership of the projects because they are a part of the decision making process. Participants, assisted by the facilitators, are given the responsibility to organize the elements necessary for each production. They learn by doing. Executing the technical aspects of the productions such as marketing and flyer design, audio design, lights operations and video production. Being a part of the  performance event created by them. All the programs involve a final community presentation totally done by the clients with minimal assistance from the facilitators.

By engaging them in what interests them they become excited about participating in our programs. Ensuring full participation by the clients. We encourage our clients to share their experiences, skills, opinions and  their stories with others. We have found that clients will generally commit to the projects that they feel they contributed to in a meaningful way.


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